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The Kennedy Heights Landscape Awards Committee would like to thank the community for submitting nominations for an award. It was a pleasure for the judges to evaluate the beautiful landscapes and select five winners and two Honorable Mentions.

Landscape Awards Committee:
Michele Dragga, Chair - Carolyn Thompson - Jane Patty - Mary Ray

Help Keep Our Neighborhood Beautiful!

Submit all nominations to: Michele Dragga or 984– 6867 Note that Michele is spelled with one "l"

The KHCC Landscape Awards Committee has been a continuous committee of the Council since 1988 and has presented over 160 annual awards to both residences and businesses in our neighborhood.

Christina Barkley | 6225 Hedge

A second win for Christina, a life-long resident of Kennedy Heights. A stone wall features perennials, shrubs, and annuals for color. Foundation beds show off her favorite hydrangeas. A bed of tall, colorful annuals and perennials decorate the side of the garage.

Pete and Yunus Spence | 3765 Woodford
Pete grew up in the two-family house where he is now living. Now, Pete’s father lives upstairs; Pete and his husband Yunus live on the first floor. Shrubs are a green backdrop for bright, colorful annuals. A pot fallen and left on its side now holds sweet potato vine to look like a colorful stream flowing out of the pot, then recreated with a similar pot on the other side of the bed.
Cathy Cook and Connie Price | 3640 Davenant
Cathy and Connie moved to Kennedy Heights in 1992. When a large maple tree was removed the house looked naked without it, so Connie added a new coat of paint and window boxes. The window boxes have become Connie’s favorite part, filling them with colorful annuals.
Patricia Dawson | 5851 Wyatt Avenue

Patricia and her family have lived in Kennedy Heights for three years. Her favorite part of her garden is that it is an all-season garden. In the winter, barberry and holly surround the window boxes. In the summer, it is full of texture and color. In the spring, the various greens are highlighted with sprouting plants, and in the fall the remnants of the cone flower and perennial sunflower provide treats for the gold finches.

John Leopard | 3623 Davenant Avenue
John moved to Kennedy Heights in 1985 to one of the houses on the site of the old Yonante Inn. He received a Landscape Award in 1993. He used to rely on annuals to provide interest, but has replaced them with permanent sources of color and texture, like ornamental shrubs. Two tricolor beech trees provide a striking focal point with their colorful foliage.

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