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The Kennedy Heights Landscape Awards Committee would like to thank the community for submitting a total of 31 nominations for an award—probably the most nominations in the history of the contest. It was a pleasure for the judges to evaluate the beautiful landscapes and select five winners and two Honorable Mentions.

Landscape Awards Committee:
Michele Dragga, Chair - Carolyn Thompson - Jane Patty - Mary Ray

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Submit all nominations to: Michele Dragga or 984– 6867 Note that Michele is spelled with one "l"

The KHCC Landscape Awards Committee has been a continuous committee of the Council since 1988 and has presented over 160 annual awards to both residences and businesses in our neighborhood.

Tony and Dana Arrasmith
Iris Ave

Tony and Dana have lived in their current house for 13 years, and in Kennedy Heights for a total of 27 years. Their front garden is a lovely mix of shade-tolerant annuals and perennials, a choice of plants necessitated by the towering, mature tree that shelters the front of the house. In the backyard, they grow herbs and vegetables in raised beds made from wood that Tony salvaged from a photo shoot. The garden that they really love, however, is the Beer Garden, also in the backyard. Its focal point is a patio equipped with a fire pit, grill, and festive lighting, and surrounded by plants. This is where Tony and Dana relax and entertain friends. From here they enjoy watching the changing trees and flowers mark the transition of one season into another.

Bill Barnett and Chris Crowley
Robison Road
Bill and Chris have lived in Kennedy Heights since 2011, when they bought their mid-century modern house. After almost a year of renovating the house, they began work on the gardens. One of the first things that they planted was a blue-spruce standard that was a super, end-of-season deal at Home Depot. Today, it has matured into a lovely specimen that is one of Bill’s favorite things about the garden. Both the front and back gardens, including the pool area, are accented with brightly-hued ceramic pots full of colorful annual and tropical plants. These pots and the pool are what Chris particularly likes about the garden. He and Bill love being outside and sharing their gardens with others because, as Chris points out, it took a lot of hard work to get to this point.
Tim and Tina Dumont
Orchard Lane
Over the 16 years that Tim and Tina have lived in their Kennedy Heights house, their garden has evolved to include an emphasis on perennials and shrubs, with a few annuals added for color. This is especially true around their back patio that they built 8 years ago for entertaining. The fireplace that they recently built allows them to use this area through three seasons. From the flowering apple trees in the spring to the scarlet leaves of the burning bushes in the fall, they have something lovely to observe through each season. They even keep the mosquitos at bay with an industrial fan, so it’s no wonder that this is their favorite part of the garden.
Brenda Clevenger
Woodford Road

When Brenda moved into her house in 1995, there was nothing planted; she had to start from scratch. She began by planting tulips, which she treats as annuals. Since then she has planted about 100 per year. She added lilies and lilacs for fragrance and flowers to cut for bouquets. She grows a few tomato plants among the flowers because that is where the sun hits. Each year she lets her Halloween pumpkin decompose in the bed by the front porch, and the following year, a seedling sprouts and grows into a large plant that produces at least one pumpkin for the next Halloween. What Brenda likes best about her garden is that from the earliest spring bulbs through the bright orange of a late-autumn pumpkin, she can come home to something colorful throughout the entire growing season.

Maxine Johnson
Bantry Avenue
Maxine, who has lived in her house for 41 years, began gardening 39 years ago when her son was little. He enjoyed looking for worms and snails as she dug in the dirt. She started with what is still her favorite part of the garden—The Circle—a bed bordered by rocks. Though the plants have changed over the years, it remains the focal point of the front yard. One of her favorite plants is a sedum called Live Forever. She started with one clump, but has divided it over the years to form a hedge along the front sidewalk. Maxine spends time working in her garden every day, and her colorful, well-maintained borders reflect how much she enjoys it.

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