For any neighborhood or organization, it is important to learn from and recognize your past. Kennedy Heights board member and Communications Committee Chair, Christine Schumacher has been collecting stories from long time neighborhood residents who tell of their experience of living in our wonderful neighborhood.

You can hear these stories at most Kennedy Heights Community Council meetings, just one of the great resources that are available at these neighborhood gatherings.

Click any of the links below to learn more about some of the longtime residents of Kennedy Heights and their stories.

A message from Christine:

In getting ready for the 50th anniversary of the Community Council, I realized the significance of the efforts of many citizens who cared deeply about our neighborhood and gave of their time and skills to create a desirable and welcoming place for everyone to live, regardless of their ethnicity.

I decided stories needed to be told so newer residents could learn the history and build on the gains made by these dedicated leaders. So, with the approval of the KHCC Board, I began interviewing people that were part of the process that helped make Kennedy Heights the quality neighborhood that It is.

There are twenty-four interviews with thirty people. The Pleasant Ridge Library will soon have the complete Elder Series interviews in a binder on the reference shelf so anyone unable to access a computer can read them in the Library. The binder should be available by the end of 2016.

Enjoy! And thank you for reading,

Christine Schumacher

Ruby Metts

Fran & Mike Harmon

Bob Herring

Rhonda McCreary

Mimi Gingold

Jeanette Bronson

"P & P"

Mary Wolfe

Susan Kitchen

Angela Davis

Josh Swain

Ernie Barbeau

Ronald Tilford

Lois Conyers

Shirley & Bob Johnson

Cecelia & Duane Holm

Judith Cebula

Bob Kamp

Barbara Obermeyer

Lydia Morgan

Barb Hoffman

Jeane & Bill Goings

D. D. Starr

Frank Payne

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