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In 2019, the difficult decision was made to cancel the long-standing tradition of the Kennedy Heights Progressive Dinner. The decision was not made lightly, but was naturally met with great disappointment from many neighbors. An ad hoc committee of six met to discuss its future. The committee researched past dinners, talked to members of the planning committee, studied the results of past dinners and talked with Liz Blume of the Xavier University Community Building Institute.

For the long term, the committee is recommending convening small groups of residents to discuss the dinner in a larger context. They recommend that Kennedy Heights recruit leaders from different areas of the neighborhood for ongoing development. They have several ideas of how to "relaunch" the event in Fall 2020, but they need neighborhood participation.

If you are interested in carrying on this well-loved tradition, please reach out to Steven Greiser at slgrieser@gmail.com.

Appetizers -The event kicks off at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. Ticket check-in begins at 5:30 pm for dinner host home assignments. Guests who haven’t purchased tickets may still do so at this time. Then it’s time to get the event off to a great start with appetizers, drinks, conversation, laughter and live music with Kennedy Heights resident Jim Zarnowiecki and his band.

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