Networker Responsibilities
If you'd be willing to serve as your block's Neighborhood Networker, we welcome you!

The responsibilities should take 1-2 hours a month, depending on the month and your interests. Here are the basic tasks:

  • Host an informal meeting to gather ideas regarding Kennedy Heights - we're happy to supply the invitation forms and a group questionnaire.
  • Try to attend Neighborhood Network Meetings and Kennedy Heights Community Council meetings - or find someone else on the block who will.
  • Help conduct our annual Door-to-door Canvas in May-June - or get someone else on your block to do it. We supply the doorknockers.
  • Let the Neighborhood Network Coordinator or Council know about concerns on your block.
  • Help promote KH events and get the word out when KH needs a strong show of support.
  • Help gather names, addresses and phone numbers for the KH directory.

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