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The Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award is given to a Kennedy Heights resident whose service and dedication have made significant contribution to the neighborhood.

Posthumous awards will not be considered but an exception may be granted for persons who died within the twelve month period immediately preceding the selection.

The membership of the selection committee shall be named by the Kennedy Heights Community Council's Board of Trustees.

The selection committee will include the Community Council's Vice-President of Administration, the immediate past award recipient, and up to three additional members selected by the Council's Board.

If, in the determination of the Selection Committee, no candidate exists that meets the criteria for this award in any given year, no award will be presented.

Selection Criteria

Individuals will be considered and the selection based on the following criteria:

  • The nominee must reside in Kennedy Heights.
  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for the Kennedy Heights neighborhood.
  • The neighborhood's improvement must be made as a result of the nominee's personal commitment and not substantially as result of the nominee's employment or public responsibilities.
  • The nominee may not currently be on the Board of Trustees for the Kennedy Heights Community Council.
  • Nomination(s) should be made by submitting in writing a statement (see below) of the reasons why the individual being nominated is worthy of this special honor.
  • Consideration will not be limited to the nominee's significant achievements or contributions during the year immediately preceding the year of the award, but can be cumulative over a period of years in the community.

Nomination Procedures

Nomination forms will be made available in the Community Council's office (6463 Montgomery Road), at a monthly meeting of the Community Council, and on our webpage, for anyone interested in nominating a candidate. Nominations must be completed, signed by the nominator, and returned by mail or in person to the Council's office by the deadline set. The Nomination Form should be mailed, or delivered in a sealed envelope, and shall be given unopened to the chairperson of the Selection Committee.

Additional nominations can be submitted by members of the Selection Committee during the deliberation process. Selection of the Outstanding Citizen of the Year will be made by a majority vote of members of the Selection Committee. The Committee's selection will be announced at an appropriate time and place.

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