Milton McPherson
Milton "Mac" McPherson

You’ve driven past Woodford Rd. and Kennedy Ave. many times, but have you ever stopped in Milton McPherson’s Auto Service to meet the proprietor, affectionately known as Mac?

After 22 years in the Air Force, Mac was approached by the previous owner of the filling station-turned-into- auto- repair-shop, to see if he would take it over. Mac tried it, liked it and has been there 21 years doing general auto repair.

However, fixing cars isn’t all Mac does. He’s a mentor and father figure to teens in the neighborhood. Girls and boys will stop by to fix their bikes, or when Mac sees them hanging out on the streets, he calls them in. He’s set several on the right track to becoming an auto mechanic. Three now own their own shops, two are working in big shops, and one works at an auto supply store. Today, they’ll stop by for advice or just to thank their former mentor.

If you stop in for a visit, you’ll see photos on all four walls of Mac’s office. The collection started with a picture of his mother and grew from there. Prominently displayed is Mac’s Covenant which reads in part: “You are placed here to serve my people. There will be those that try to take advantage of your generosity and there will be those that will try to stop you from doing my work. Times may get hard, but hang in there for I know all of them…”

Mac, a resident of Kirkup Ave., plans to keep on going as long as his body holds up, hoping one of his sons will take over for him. He services cars of all makes and models and customers come from all over the city, many who were former Kennedy Heights’ residents. His leased space is modest from the outside, but full of vitality on the inside. Stop by and say hello! He’s open 8:30 – 5:30 Monday through Friday.

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