Citizens on Patrol Program
Citizens On Patrol is a community-based program of the Cincinnati Police Department that enables citizen volunteers to patrol the streets of their own neighborhood, acting as the eyes and ears of the Cincinnati Police. In Kennedy Heights, our objective is to report undesirable behavior to District Two, and to prove to criminals on our streets that our community is watching. Volunteers receive training, uniforms and support from the Cincinnati Police.

It's not hard to do, and it doesn't take much of anyone's time. Active members commit to a minimum of one patrol each month. We patrol in groups with police radios, reporting back any illegal activity, graffiti or possible hazards (gas leaks, abandoned vehicles, etc.) that we see along our routes.

If you've seen us, you know that you don't have to be athletic to participate. We have members of various age groups and in various stages of fitness. To join, all you need is a sense of commitment that we can work together to make Kennedy Heights an even better place to live.

We need every law-abiding citizen in Kennedy Heights to join us for at least one walk per month!

More Members = More Patrols and a Safer Kennedy Heights.

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