Kennedy Heights By the Numbers
The numbers you'll find on this page are basically raw data, statistics about Kennedy Heights. They may be useful to researchers or just interesting to the curious.

Kennedy Heights is a single census tract (No. 58), bordered by Pleasant Ridge, Columbia Township, Silverton, & Amberley Village.

2000 Census Data
This is a large piece of the census data, provided by the City Development & Planning Department
View Census Data
2002 Crime Figures
We have extracted the data from the Police Department’s citywide report and sorted them by street. They are in an Excel spreadsheet, which you should also be able to open with Lotus or Quattropro.

You can find figures for the rest of Cincinnati at the CPD Web site. The CPD Web site also compares the total crime reports for all City neighborhoods for each year, 1996-2002.

View KHCC Crime Figures

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