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Oct 20 - DIGITAL
Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church
6312 Kennedy Ave
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Kennedy Heights is one of 52 recognized neighborhoods within the City of Cincinnati. It is located in the northeast corner of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kennedy Heights straddles Montgomery Road between Pleasant Ridge and Silverton. The Kennedy Heights Community Council is the official body designated by the City of Cincinnati to represent and serve the neighborhood's 2,800 households.
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To stay connected and moving forward during this difficult time, we will be holding our Community Council meeting via telephone/video conference. Thanks to the guidance of Invest In Neighborhoods, we have set up a digital council meeting through Meet on Google Suites.

Tuesday, October 2020 - 7:30 pm

Virtual, via Google Meet

TO JOIN BY COMPUTER: Copy and paste the following URL into your browser. You do not need to turn out your camera (tho you can).

TO JOIN BY PHONE: Call ‪+1 574-241-1036‬ and then follow the prompts.
PIN: ‪453 185 950#

CLICK HERE To watch a recording of the meeting

Tuesday, September 15 2020

CLICK HERE To watch a recording of the meeting

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 | 7:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE To watch a recording of the meeting

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 | 7:30 p.m.

Tentative agenda includes safety updates from our Police and Fire departments, opportunities to celebrate our neighborhood's history of fighting for social justice, and updates from neighborhood partners.

CLICK HERE To watch a recording of the meeting

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | 7:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE To watch a recording of the meeting


1. Type this URL in your preferred internet browser:

2. You do not need to turn on your video (but you can!)

3. You will be automatically muted. You can ask questions by writing in the Chat box or unmute yourself when the floor is open to questions.

4. Want a preview of what the platform looks like? Check out Page 4 of our Newsletter, available digitally here.


1. Call ‪+1 573-621-2494

2. Follow the prompts. Your PIN# is: ‪396 129 958#

3. You will be automatically muted. If you have a question, unmute yourself by pressing 6* (that is 6 and then the star key)


1. All attendees will be automatically muted upon entering.

2. If you have a question, try to be in a quiet room with minimal audio distractions.

3. Have patience and good humor. Technology is fickle.

We hope you will join us in this “first” for Kennedy Heights Community Council. We are eager to share neighborhood updates and learn what is on your mind.

CLICK HERE to view our 2020 Kennedy Heights Landscape Award winners. Learn more about your neighbors and view their beautiful homes!
A new school to ease overcrowded classrooms. A new road to ease overcrowded commutes. The 2020 Census can deeply impact our community. The results of the census help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed to states and communities every year.

Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution requires a once-a-decade population and housing count of all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and the Island areas. National Census Day is April 1, 2020.

• Census results are used to determine the apportionment of U.S. and State Congressional Districts.
• Census data determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed to states and communities annually.
• There will NOT be a citizenship question on the Census.
• All census responses are protected under Title 13 of the US Code. Answers can only be used to produce statistics.

Kennedy Heights has been identified as a community likely to have lower than average participation. Make sure our neighborhood receives the federal support it deserves!

You will receive your invitation to participate by April 1, 2020. You can respond to the census online, by mail, or by phone. Make Kennedy Heights count!

Welcome Your 2020 Board!
Back row, L to R: Jean Bange, Sharifah Tafari, Romona Mayo, Kate Elliott, Eric Armstrong
Front Row: L to R: Sister Carren Herring, Mary Ray, Anita Hisle, Peggy Brown, Dee Cannady Lowry
Not Pictured: Cassandra Jones
Contributed by John Bange

In April of 2018, an initiative was launched to create a unique flag for each of Cincinnati's 52 neighborhoods. The purpose was to build neighborhood pride and a better sense of place. Over several months, teams of local designers learned about their communities through an online survey, visits and workshops.

Once preliminary designs were created, they were reviewed with community councils and other members of each community. Those in attendance at the meetings voted for their favorite design. The final flag designs were created based on all of these steps.

In Kennedy Heights we owe thanks to Jeffry Weidner, Lois Patterson and Lettie Davis for additional creative support during the final design phase.

The designs were created with five basic guidelines:

• Keep it simple.
• Symbolism.
• two or three basic colors.
• No lettering or seals.
• Be distinctive or be related.

The Kennedy Heights flag is now complete! Neighbors viewed it at the October Kennedy Heights Community Council.

The goal is for residents to hang them on their porch or businesses and fly them outside. The initial flag was made by The National Flag Company right here in Cincinnati. But the art for the flags are considered “open source,” so they can be ordered from any manufacturer.

It will most likely be best to place a bulk order for many flags. This will ensure consistency and a better price and delivery, and reduce everyone’s individual effort. The flags are also intended to be used as a fundraiser for the community.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, November 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the KH Presbyterian Church. Come and learn more about how you can order your very own Kennedy Heights flag.

To see all 52 flags and learn about the neighborhoods, go to:


Mary Wolfe and her husband Jim moved to the Cincinnati area in the mid-50’s. They soon became active in the neighborhood, with Jim helping to organize people to work together on projects and Mary becoming involved in the preschool Montessori program (originally KH Parent Teacher Co-operative).

For two years, Mary volunteered full-time in the Kennedy School Library. Originally, there was no space for the library. So, Mary and other volunteers moved the books into the lunch room and put them away during lunch. After lunch, they unpacked the books again. Mary also served as a volunteer with the Community Council in various community efforts

Back then, a major effort took place in the homes of various KH residents on a monthly basis: the production of the KHCC Newsletter. At that time, folks gathered, with even children participating. All would fold, address, and then deliver the newsletter. It was a key vehicle to keep everyone informed of the events and issues in the community. Mary’s daughter, Melissa Wolfe McNally, remembers these times as being fun for the children, too.

Mary was known to say that if you live in a community, you pitch in and help out; it’s part of being a good citizen. She was a proud supporter of Kennedy Heights Montessori School, the Progressive Dinner, and the Sap Run.

When Mary was asked how she described Kennedy Heights to others, she chose words like “friendly,” “diverse,” “people get to know each other,” “it’s a great place to live” and “all are welcome.”

The Caring Place
The Caring Place appreciates the abundance of donations from near and far. Teddy's Closet, our clothing room, is currently filled to capacity. We can always use new socks and undergarments for men, women and children, as well as toilet paper and grocery bags (plastic, paper and cloth). Thank you for helping your neighbors in need.
Meaningful, Compassionate Care Thursday, March 26th, 2020
This year’s theme focuses on engaging persons with dementia using meaningful activities, music and art therapy, and Tai Chi. Emphasis will be on discussing care which involves mindfulness, compassion, and respect for diversity. The Keynote Speaker, Teepa Snow, will present “Creating Days with Meaning for Those Living with Dementia.” She will identify meaningful activities for persons with varying levels of dementia, as well as demonstrate strategies for positive emotional connections using verbal and non-verbal communication. CEUs will be available for purchase for nursing, OT, Social Work, and Counseling professionals.

Registration is now open! Go to to register with early bird pricing!


Left to Right - Sylvester Smith, Terrance Bell

You have probably seen them walking in Kennedy Heights, two robust men gliding along at a quick pace with walking sticks. They are Terrance Bell and Sylvester Smith.

Terrance grew up in Walnut Hills, and now he and his wife Staci live on Aikenside. They have two daughters, one here in Cincinnati and the other in North Carolina. Sylvester grew up in Madisonville, and now he and his and wife Liliann live in nearby Silverton. They have a daughter and two grandsons.

They started their careers in a similar fashion, transporting youth from detention facilities to juvenile court. Later, they both attended the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in London, Ohio. There they learned the skills necessary to be a bailiff, which is a law enforcement officer vested with maintaining order during courtroom proceedings. They ensure that the public, jury, legal teams, witnesses and defendants proceed through trials and other court proceedings with the required decorum. They were both soon certified. Sylvester and Terrance finally met while working at the Hamilton County Juvenile Court as bailiffs.

Terrance has been with the courts for 25 years and is currently the Assistant Chief with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Sylvester retired in 2013 with 30 years service, and had earned the title of Chief with a rank of Colonel. He now serves as a School Crossing Guard at Pleasant Ridge and Sands Montessori.

Terrance and Sylvester used to walk about nine miles around downtown after work, from the Court House down to Pete Rose Way, around town and back. Eventually, they decided to go home after work and instead meet in our area and walk the neighborhood.

Why do they walk? They do it for their health and because they enjoy the time together, On weekdays, they start walking in the evening at 4:45. On weekends, they start early and walk for about 90 minutes. They do not walk if it is raining, but they do walk when it is snowing, and they never walk on Sundays.

The sticks they carry are mostly used as a walking sticks. Though they do speculate that, with the number of dogs on the loose they’ve encountered, just the sight of the sticks may have kept the dogs at bay. With the miles they’ve put through the neighborhood, it may surprise some to know that they have not come upon the scene of a fire or accident. They have, however, helped a number of people who have fallen and needed assistance getting up. They have also found and turned in several wallets with large amounts of cash.

The next time you see The Walking Men, please give them a friendly wave!

Nextdoor is the new social network that helps you to connect with your neighbors in Kennedy Heights for just about any reason! Choose the boundaries that you want, include other neighborhoods in “your” network, and invite other neighbors to join. The Nextdoor website offers privacy and safety features, address verification, secure encryption using the HTTPS Internet protocol, and mobile access via an iPhone and Android app. Information that you share will never show up in search engines and Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.
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K.Heights Arts Center News


Expand your creativity, learn new skills, and have fun in a variety of 8-week classes for people of all ages. Youth can enjoy darkroom photography, stop motion animation, or open studio for kids. Adults and teens (ages 14+) can explore drawing, pastel drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, clay hand building, and open studio. You can also try a one-day mixed media workshop!

Classes start the week of January 27. Sliding scale fees for those with financial need.

6546 Montgomery Road
call 631-4ART (4278)
or visit their

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