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Nov. 16
Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church
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Kennedy Heights is one of 52 recognized neighborhoods within the City of Cincinnati. It is located in the northeast corner of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kennedy Heights straddles Montgomery Road between Pleasant Ridge and Silverton. The Kennedy Heights Community Council is the official body designated by the City of Cincinnati to represent and serve the neighborhood's 2,800 households.
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Community Council meetings will be back on September 21 - Have a great summer!

Okay, but really...WHY a Neighborhood Plan?

You keep asking. We answer.

A Neighborhood Plan is a formal document that records the goals and visions that the residents have for the neighborhood.

Creates and confirms neighborhood identity, goals, and vision

Helps guide policy decisions that impact the neighborhood

Helps guide development and investment decisions

Used as a tool for community investment projects

Demonstrates to City leaders that the neighborhood is united

Here are a few examples in which a Neighborhood Plan can be valuable:

A developer has plans for a site in Kennedy Heights. The development will increase vehicular traffic, includes bright flashing signs, and aims for a liquor license. If the Neighborhood Plan has clearly stated parameters around pedestrian safety, an ideal quantity of liquor-licensed institutions, and expectations for electronic signage, those parameters can be shown to the City of Cincinnati. Because it is a formal document showing neighborhood-wide agreement, it will have greater influence over whether or not the development happens.

A resident wants to convert a vacant lot into a community space. The Neighborhood Plan can not only indicate whether or not the resident’s plans align with the visions of their neighbors, but it can provide basic information to guide the resident in achieving their plans: who to reach out to, how to communicate their ideas with residents, etc.

Another developer has plans for a site, but is short on the funds to purchase the full property. If the plans align with the Neighborhood Plan, the developer and the Community Council and the Development Corp can make a stronger case as to why the project should receive additional funding from the City or other grants, and make it more likely to move forward.

Kennedy Heights’ last Comprehensive Community Plan was passed in 2003. According to the City of Cincinnati, these kinds of plans are expected to have a 5-15 year shelf life—we are long overdue for an update! We had hoped to be much farther in the planning process by this point in 2020, but COVID had other plans. We are now trying to gain lost ground, but we need YOUR help!

If we are to create a plan that truly reflects the ideals and dreams of our residents, we need YOU.

Visit this website to learn more about the goals, the process, and most importantly, complete a brief survey that will inform our priorities.

There is still plenty of time to get involved in this process. Working Groups are just now beginning to meet to shape the goals, strategies, and actions steps for the plan. To learn more, email or visit our Planning Website:

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To stay connected and moving forward during this difficult time, we will be holding our Community Council meeting via telephone/video conference. Thanks to the guidance of Invest In Neighborhoods, we have set up a digital council meeting through Meet on Google Suites.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

Phone Numbers
(‪US‬)‪+1 574-241-1036‬
PIN: ‪453 185 950#‬


1. Type this URL in your preferred internet browser:

2. You do not need to turn on your video (but you can!)

3. You will be automatically muted. You can ask questions by writing in the Chat box or unmute yourself when the floor is open to questions.

4. Want a preview of what the platform looks like? Check out Page 4 of our Newsletter, available digitally here.


1. Call ‪+1 573-621-2494

2. Follow the prompts. Your PIN# is: ‪396 129 958#

3. You will be automatically muted. If you have a question, unmute yourself by pressing 6* (that is 6 and then the star key)


1. All attendees will be automatically muted upon entering.

2. If you have a question, try to be in a quiet room with minimal audio distractions.

3. Have patience and good humor. Technology is fickle.

We hope you will join us in this “first” for Kennedy Heights Community Council. We are eager to share neighborhood updates and learn what is on your mind.

CLICK HERE to view our 2020 Kennedy Heights Landscape Award winners. Learn more about your neighbors and view their beautiful homes!


Ann and Al Hill

Ann and Al Hill have lived in Kennedy Heights for 50 years. One of the highlights of their life has been their role as foster parents. Between 1993 and 2020 they fostered nearly 100 girls, and all while raising their own two daughters!

Al Hill was born in Colman, Georgia, one of 17 children. While still young, he came to Cincinnati to live with an uncle and aunt and attended Hughes High School. Ann was born in Douglas, Georgia. Her family moved to Cincinnati when she was young, and she also attended Hughes, where she and Al first met. They dated for awhile before Al was drafted into the military in 1969, not long after graduation.

Al served in the U.S. Army at Ft. Knox, K; Ft. Sill, OK; and in Vietnam. He was assigned to an artillery unit far back from the front lines. Ann moved to Florida and stayed with relatives while working at an RCA plant where they manufactured electronic components. While they were apart they wrote to each other. Ann sent many packages of delicious baked goods to Al. He remembers that his buddies always looked forward to those packages, which Al happily shared. Ann still possesses all the letters they shared. After being discharged, Al and Ann were reunited and they soon married.

Al was first employed by Queen City Metro first as a driver and later as a manager. He retired after 37 years.

For a short time the Hills lived in Walnut Hills. They moved to Kennedy Heights in 1970 on Bantry Avenue. When their neighbors and good friends, the Kellers, moved to downsize, they bought their house across the street and moved there, which is where they currently live.

Ann and Al raised two daughters, Crystal and Rhonda. They have many grandchildren. To the great sadness of the family, Rhonda passed away in August of 2020. Our hearts are with them as they journey through this loss.

The Hills began their journey as foster parents in 1993. they specialized in fostering teenage girls, which has been particularly helpful because of the great need for foster homes for teenagers in Greater Cincinnati. They still have contact with many of the girls that they fostered—one even joins them every Thanksgiving for dinner!

Ann and Al appreciate the friends they have made and the diversity of Kennedy Heights.

If you know of a neighbor who has a story to share, reach out to John Bange at

Nextdoor is the new social network that helps you to connect with your neighbors in Kennedy Heights for just about any reason! Choose the boundaries that you want, include other neighborhoods in “your” network, and invite other neighbors to join. The Nextdoor website offers privacy and safety features, address verification, secure encryption using the HTTPS Internet protocol, and mobile access via an iPhone and Android app. Information that you share will never show up in search engines and Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.
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K.Heights Arts Center News


Collective Impact: Females Joining Forces

April 10th - May 29th, 2021

Kennedy Heights Arts Center, Kennedy Gallery

6546 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213

Curated by Mallory Feltz. This group show of Cincinnati female artist collectives focuses on the combined power of women and their collaborative creativity. Works created through diverse perspectives and various themes highlight the different ways in which women work together, inspire important discussions in our region, and comment on the contemporary female experience. April 10th - May 29th, 2021.

Exhibiting artist collectives include: Art for Artists, ART HAGS, Bombshells of Cincinnati, LOOK, Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running, PhotograpHERS, and Monica Andino & Adriana Prieto.

Free Timed Entry Tickets are available on website or by calling 513-631-4278. Masks are required. Practice social distancing.

Summer Arts Camps: Registration is Open!

We are excited to announce that Kennedy Heights Arts Center will be offering in-person Art Summer Camps this year! Join in the fun by participating in one of our creative art camps for youth ages 5-13. We're offering a variety of one-week camps for youth exploring visual arts, media arts, dance, music and theatre. In-person camps will be offered with strict COVID-19 safety protocols in place, including: small groups, masks, distancing, hand washing, outdoor settings, and more. We will also offer a few virtual options for those who may prefer a remote setting. Sliding scale fees available for those in financial need.

Visit our website at or call 513-631-4278 to learn more. Camp descriptions and registration will open March 1st, 2021. Volunteer opportunities for teens ages 14-18.

6546 Montgomery Road
call 631-4ART (4278)
or visit their

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