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Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church
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Kennedy Heights is one of 52 recognized neighborhoods within the City of Cincinnati. It is located in the northeast corner of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kennedy Heights straddles Montgomery Road between Pleasant Ridge and Silverton. The Kennedy Heights Community Council is the official body designated by the City of Cincinnati to represent and serve the neighborhood's 2,800 households.
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MORE Bridge Updates (edited to reflect exciting new update): THE BRIDGE IS OPEN!

- The lighting has been installed, but the lights won’t be turned on for another week or so. There is some final coordination and approvals needed that begin when the installation is complete, and that must occur before the lights are actually turned on. There are existing street lights near each end of the bridge that will provide lighting during this temporary situation until the new lights are turned on.

- There may be sidewalk closures (one side at a time) during the daytime hours next week while they complete the final surface finishing of the concrete railing.

- There might be some occasional single lane or shoulder closures in order to finish up some of the lighting work over the next couple weeks, again during daytime hours. Traffic control flaggers and/or barrels will be provided as appropriate.

As mentioned before, there will be several other items that will be completed once the weather warms up again, probably sometime in April. This includes painting, installing the fencing, installing the sitting-deterrent “domes”, planting trees in the park, and installing the Kennedy Heights Community logos on the bridge railing at each corner.



To stay connected and moving forward during this difficult time, we will be holding our Community Council meeting via telephone/video conference. Thanks to the guidance of Invest In Neighborhoods, we have set up a digital council meeting through Meet on Google Suites.

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Phone Numbers
(‪US‬)‪+1 574-241-1036‬
PIN: ‪453 185 950#‬

Tuesday January 19, 2021

Phone Numbers
(‪US‬)‪+1 574-241-1036‬
PIN: ‪453 185 950#‬


1. Type this URL in your preferred internet browser:

2. You do not need to turn on your video (but you can!)

3. You will be automatically muted. You can ask questions by writing in the Chat box or unmute yourself when the floor is open to questions.

4. Want a preview of what the platform looks like? Check out Page 4 of our Newsletter, available digitally here.


1. Call ‪+1 573-621-2494

2. Follow the prompts. Your PIN# is: ‪396 129 958#

3. You will be automatically muted. If you have a question, unmute yourself by pressing 6* (that is 6 and then the star key)


1. All attendees will be automatically muted upon entering.

2. If you have a question, try to be in a quiet room with minimal audio distractions.

3. Have patience and good humor. Technology is fickle.

We hope you will join us in this “first” for Kennedy Heights Community Council. We are eager to share neighborhood updates and learn what is on your mind.

CLICK HERE to view our 2020 Kennedy Heights Landscape Award winners. Learn more about your neighbors and view their beautiful homes!
A neighborhood plan is a formal process that invites the diverse interests within a given neighborhood to come together for the purpose of developing a shared vision. Our Neighborhood Plan is moving forward, and the website is LIVE!

What do you want to see in Kennedy Heights’ future? More green space? More businesses? A walking trail? Safety initiatives? Property improvements?

Kennedy Heights’ last Comprehensive Community Plan was passed in 2003. According to the City of Cincinnati, these kinds of plans are expected to have a 5-15 year shelf life—we are long overdue for an update! We had hoped to be much farther in the planning process by this point in 2020, but COVID had other plans. We are now trying to gain lost ground, but we need YOUR help!

If we are to create a plan that truly reflects the ideals and dreams of our residents, we need YOU.

Visit this website to learn more about the goals, the process, and most importantly, complete a brief survey that will inform our priorities.

Don’t have reliable internet? Experiencing digital fatigue? Paper surveys are available. Or, you can reach out to our VP of Planning, Mary Ray. She is willing to talk to you over the phone. Call or email Mary:


As of the creation of this newsletter, we only had 75 survey responses. We know that more than just 75 people have opinions about the future of Kennedy Heights. We need every resident and business to participate in order to know that our plan will truly serve the best interest of the community as a whole. Thank you for your participation!


Mary Wolfe and her husband Jim moved to the Cincinnati area in the mid-50’s. They soon became active in the neighborhood, with Jim helping to organize people to work together on projects and Mary becoming involved in the preschool Montessori program (originally KH Parent Teacher Co-operative).

For two years, Mary volunteered full-time in the Kennedy School Library. Originally, there was no space for the library. So, Mary and other volunteers moved the books into the lunch room and put them away during lunch. After lunch, they unpacked the books again. Mary also served as a volunteer with the Community Council in various community efforts

Back then, a major effort took place in the homes of various KH residents on a monthly basis: the production of the KHCC Newsletter. At that time, folks gathered, with even children participating. All would fold, address, and then deliver the newsletter. It was a key vehicle to keep everyone informed of the events and issues in the community. Mary’s daughter, Melissa Wolfe McNally, remembers these times as being fun for the children, too.

Mary was known to say that if you live in a community, you pitch in and help out; it’s part of being a good citizen. She was a proud supporter of Kennedy Heights Montessori School, the Progressive Dinner, and the Sap Run.

When Mary was asked how she described Kennedy Heights to others, she chose words like “friendly,” “diverse,” “people get to know each other,” “it’s a great place to live” and “all are welcome.”


The house was supposed to be a starterz home for Neil and Stella Dunson. That was back in 1968. Now, 53 years later, they’ve raised children and welcomed grandchildren and great-grandchildren into their home on Withany Avenue.

The couple had been living in Evanston, married for a few years and with their oldest child in kindergarten. Neil and Stella had already been looking in the Kennedy Heights area before the 1968 race riots began, but those events certainly made the quiet dead-end street more appealing. At the time that they moved in, they were the first Black family on the street. They raised four children—two boys and two girls—and now have six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Their faith is important to them and the Dunsons attend First Missionary Baptist on Main Street in Loveland. Having been deeply engaged in music ministry, with Stella even directing the choir, they are missing in-person worship these days.

Neil worked for Cincinnati Milling Machine from 1964 until 2001, through the company’s many name changes. He was an assembler, making the machine parts that made airplane parts. He eventually moved up to Runoff Tech, and sometimes he oversaw getting machinery started up for customers. He has been known as “Mr. Fix-it” on the street with his mechanical knowledge.

Stella worked for some time as a cosmetologist and spent years as an in-home childcare provider to local families. She is gifted at crochet and baking. Editor’s Note: This article’s author is a biased neighbor who has enjoyed several of Stella’s delicious treats, including yeast rolls and shortbread cookies, and has wrapped more than one baby in a Stella-made blanket.

The Dunsons enjoy being able to reflect on how the neighborhood has changed. Stella recalls the pharmacy that used to be near what is now C&M BBQ; Neil remembers the IGA that is now a cosmetology school. They both talked about the Water Tower Park and what a big deal it was when the Tower was taken down.

One of their favorite memories is from a winter many years ago. As Neil says, “This street sort of flies under the radar.” Being a short dead-end, it was not prioritized by the City for snow removal. When a large snowstorm dumped inches of snow, the Dunsons remember everyone coming out of their homes and working together to shovel not just their driveways, but the whole street!

They also reminisce about a three year span when Withany Avenue held a block party. Neighbors who had since moved away would still come back for the celebration. They hope that the future of Kennedy Heights holds more of this neighborly connection, of showing concern for each other and helping each other.

Nextdoor is the new social network that helps you to connect with your neighbors in Kennedy Heights for just about any reason! Choose the boundaries that you want, include other neighborhoods in “your” network, and invite other neighbors to join. The Nextdoor website offers privacy and safety features, address verification, secure encryption using the HTTPS Internet protocol, and mobile access via an iPhone and Android app. Information that you share will never show up in search engines and Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.
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K.Heights Arts Center News


November 14th– December 31st, 2020

Looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one (or yourself!) this holiday season? Look no further! The Kennedy Heights Arts Center Art Shop & Holiday Art Market offers an amazing array of unique, handmade items by more than 50 local artists, perfect for gift-giving this season. Options include jewelry, pottery, fiber works, ornaments, cards, masks, and more.

The KHAC Art Shop & Holiday Art Market is open Wednesdays - Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 5pm, and Saturdays 11am to 4pm from November 14th until the end of the year. More information at


Outdoor exhibition

December 1st – December 31st, 2020

This winter, holiday stories are getting a twist! 10 local artists will put their spin on holiday folklore and display their artworks, which incorporate lighted elements, on the Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s outdoor grounds. This outdoor exhibition can be a drive through experience from the warmth of your car, or you can park and explore the works in this winter wanderland on foot. Outdoor viewing open from dawn to dusk. Exhibition on view from December 1st to December 31st, 2020. More information at

6546 Montgomery Road
call 631-4ART (4278)
or visit their

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