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The predecessor of today’s Kennedy Heights Development Center (KHDC), the Kennedy Heights Urban Redevelopment Corporation (KHURC), originally incorporated as a non-profit 30 years ago as an offshoot of the Kennedy Heights Community Council. Using the Council's 501c3 status, KHURC borrowed money to acquire several residences at sheriff's sales, rehabbed them, re-sold them, repaid all loans, and went dormant. Three years ago, to deal with surge of abandoned and foreclosed housing, KHURC became active again and was renamed the Kennedy Heights Development Corporation. At the suggestion of the Cincinnati Planning and Development Departments, the KHDC obtained independent 501c3 recognition so that it could qualify to handle larger projects.

Members of the Board of Trustees, 2013

Dr. Ernest J. Barbeau: Chair of the Board and of the Executive Committee. Retired Executive Director of a local non-profit agency.

Jody Barkley: Chair of Nominating Committee. Realtor, Leist Realtors.
Clete Benken: Boardxs Business District Team Leader. Urban Design Planner and Principal, MSI/KKG.

Erik Brown: President, Brownstone Design.

Teresa Davis Mulligan: Secretary of the Board. Senior Director of Finance, Fidelity Investments.

Joe Feldhaus: Vice-Chair of the Board. General Counsel and Board Secretary, Xavier University.
Cynthia Hale Price: Construction safety management.
Mike Harmon: Chair of Fundraising Committee. Retired Attorney, City of Cincinnati.
Jan Goings: Director of Advancement, New School Montessori.

Leslie B. Lannan: Performer, theater. Purchasing, Cintas.

Casey Millard: Treasurer of the Board. Artist/Sculptor.

Richard L. Moore: Attorney, Frost Brown Todd.

Noel Morgan: Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati

Laura Porter: Retired Attorney, City of Cincinnati.

Melissa Wolfe McNally: Chair of Housing Committee. President, Wolfe McNally Conventions.

KHDC Mission Statement
The KHDC is dedicated to fostering the Kennedy Heights neighborhood as a diverse, attractive, vibrant, healthy, nurturing community that encourages and enables the fullest development of human potential. The KHDC Board consists of a cross-section of local residents chosen for their commitment and skills. KHDC goals are to facilitate and administer programs and activities which serve to promote and sustain high-quality, mixed-income housing throughout the community; and to promote, administer, and guide projects which improve the functional, aesthetic, cultural, educational, and economic well-being of the community, particularly addressing the vitality of the Montgomery Road Business District and the "District A" Arts Corridor.

The KHDC is currently working on two projects: (1) with HURC to rehab and remarket four foreclosed neighborhood homes per year; (2) To acquire and redevelop a former Kroger Store with the City of Cincinnati and three partners; the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center and the Kennedy Heights Art Center. We are developing a regional cultural center, which will house neighborhood outreach, display, and storage place for the Cincinnati Art Museum, a new, enlarged home for the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center, and a place for expansion and artist's studios for the Kennedy Heights Arts Center.

Kennedy Heights Cultural Center

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